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Bilsk historical reserve


Point Cloud Digital Terrain Model Orthophoto


LiDAR Post-processing scans

Time devoted to the project:

Fieldwork — 4 hours Post-processing — 2 days Total time — 3 days
Bilsk historical reserve

Project objective

Conduct a LiDAR survey and create a Digital Terrain Model of the reserve to help conduct further research on the possibility of deciphering the smallest anomalies that could be classified as for the condition determination. The final result was a complete plan of the complex and a consolidated catalog of burial grounds, taking into account the results of previous years.

About the object

«Historical and Cultural Reserve Bilsk» is a unique archaeological site of the cultural heritage of Ukraine. The monument is recognized by scientists as the largest fortified settlement in Europe of the Early Iron Age.

Work results

Photo of the Glinsk settlement

Orthophoto of Glinsk settlement

Digital Terrain Model Glinsk settlement