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Creative State of Arsenal


Point Cloud


Terrestrial Scanning Post-processing scans

Time devoted to the project:

Fieldwork — 2 days Post-processing — 2 days Total time — 4 days
Creative State of Arsenal

Project objective

Conduct a survey of the old building of the Arsenal facility for its subsequent reconstruction and transformation into a creative space.

About the object

The Creative State of Arsenal is located in a giant hangar of the Arsenal facility. This location has become a part of the A-station complex along with KyivFoodMarket, the restaurant area, and Osvitoria Hub. This creative space can accommodate 700 residents and has a total of about 100 offices of different sizes in the art nouveau style.

Work results

The building in the process of reconstruction, photo

The building is in the process of reconstruction, a raw Point Cloud

The building is in the process of reconstruction, Point Cloud