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Point Cloud Orthophoto Digital Terrain Model


LiDAR Post-processing scans Modeling and 2D Documentation

Time devoted to the project:

Field work — 1 day Post-processing — 2 days Total time — 3 days

Project objective

Obtain a high-density digital terrain model of the area to identify traces of ancient structures and buildings, due to micro-alterations of the relief in Baturin.

About the object

The border fortress of Baturin was founded in 1575 by the Polish king Stefan Bathory, named after him. Since 1669, Baturin becomes the capital of Hetman Ukraine and to this day is the brightest landmark of the Cossack era, as for a long time the city was the residence of Hetmans of Left-bank Ukraine, in particular, Ivan Mazepa, Pylyp Orlyk and Kyrylo Razumovsky.

Work results

Example of the Baturin Orthophoto

3D digital Terrain Model from processed Point Clouds

3D digital Terrain Model from processed Point Clouds