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PMGU MK «Azovstal»


Point Cloud Topo Map Orthophoto


LiDAR Post-processing scans Modeling and 2D Documentation

Time devoted to the project:

Fieldwork — 10 days Post-processing — 14 days Total time — 1 month
PMGU MK «Azovstal»

Project objective

The purpose of the work was to perform engineering and geodesic works, laser scanning for subsequent design and modernization.

About the object

Azovstal is one of the leaders of Ukrainian metallurgy. It is a highly efficient full-cycle metallurgical enterprise - from coke and sinter production to steelmaking and production of high-quality flat-rolled products, long and shaped sections.

Work results



Topo Map


LiDAR Cloud with Visual Band Vegetation Index (VBVI)


LiDAR Cloud in Altitude Display Mode

Terrestrial Point Cloud in Elevation Mode