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Ladyzhyn Thermal Power Plant


Point Cloud Volume Calculation Report Orthophotoplan Digital Elevation Model


LiDAR Post-processing scans Modeling and 2D Documentation

Time devoted to the project:

Fieldwork — 20 min Post-processing — 3 hours Total time — 1 day
Ladyzhyn Thermal Power Plant

Project objective

Undertake a survey of coal reserves at Ladyzhinskaya TPP to determine the exact volumes.

About the object

Ladyzhyn TPP is a thermal power plant located in Ladyzhyn, Vinnytsia Region, Ukraine. Ladyzhyn TPP maintains a balance in the unified energy system of Ukraine. It is owned by DTEK Zakhidenergo.

Work results

The raw Point Cloud 

The cleaned Point Cloud (DSM)

Volume Calculation Report 

Orthomosaic with the Calculation of Volumes

Digital Elevation Model