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Neodnakovo: «Movement»


Point Cloud


Terrestrial Scanning Post-processing scans

Time devoted to the project:

Fieldwork — 4 hours Post-processing — 4 hours Total time — 1 day
Neodnakovo: «Movement»

Project objective

Neodnakovo is a social initiative we launched to digitize and restore the historical & architectural monuments, frescoes, panels, and mosaics. The gathered data is to be used for further restoration of the history. Unfortunately, this mosaic has been in a deplorable state for several years, which is why we hope to make a difference in its reconstruction.

About the object

«Movement» was created in 1969, after the construction of the sports complex "Science". This colorful mosaic is one of the most important works of artists because it is bright, dynamic and transmits the movement of mosaic characters so naturally that you immediately understand whence such a name. This panel was created by Halyna Zubchenko and Hryhoriy Pryshedko, a creative tandem. Together, they continued to decorate monumental buildings for 10 years.

Work results

Point cloud of the panel

Point cloud of the panel

Point cloud of the panel close up