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Neodnakovo: «Victory»


Point Cloud


Terrestrial Scanning Post-processing scans

Time devoted to the project:

Fieldwork — 4 hours Post-processing — 4 hours Total time — 1 day
Neodnakovo: «Victory»

Project objective

Neodnakovo is a social initiative we launched to digitize and restore the historical & architectural monuments, frescoes, panels, and mosaics. The gathered data is to be used for further restoration of the history.

About the object

The mosaic of Halyna Zubchenko and Hryhoriy Pryshedko is on the wall of the administrative building of the National Cancer Institute (1970–1971). As befits the location, the panel is very symbolic. There is even something similar to the image of George the Victorious, whо overcomes the serpent. In the same way, doctors in white coats defeat the monster with the help of radiation therapy.

Work results

Photo fragment of the panel

Point cloud fragment of the panel

Point cloud of the panel