Lidar Scanning for Surface Modeling (DTM)


Digital Terrain Model (DTM) Topo Survey Map UAV LiDAR Point Cloud


LiDAR Post-processing scans

Time devoted to the project:

Field Work – 1 day Office Work – 5 days Total Time – 1 week
Lidar Scanning for Surface Modeling (DTM)

Project objective

Conduct a LiDAR survey to obtain a point cloud of the mountain.

About the object

Shchekavitsa Mountain is located in a picturesque area of Kyiv between Tatarka and Podol. Shchekavitsa has a significant historical significance both for Kyiv and for the whole of ancient Rus'.

Work results

Digital Surface Model without high vegetation

Digital Terrain Model without vegetation and buildings

Go to the link where you can experience the 3D model